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Wood is a living material. Crafting from wood enables us to bring life and character to our living space as well as presenting a cosy and friendly environment that guides us back to being close to the nature therefore to the human heart. Valkay-Team Kft. offers a wide range of services within timber construction. The most frequently used species is the Spruce although on request other species can be brought into use.
Our company has specialized in the construction of post and beam and lightweight timber frame structures since 2005. The company's owners are Hungarian citizens. As like most Hungarian companies operating in this area our first houses were built in co-operation with companies located in Romania. Unfortunately the first few years proved that we are not able to fulfil the clients' requirements in this manner. The varying qualities and the ever frequently recurring shipment delays caused lots of complications. Therefore utilizing our compiled experience and by fixing the faults we started the manufacture of our own houses within the country (Hungary). The constructions are executed by our employees - both skilled craftsmen and general contractors. The on-site erection of our houses is done within a very short time and to a strict schedule to make the whole process straightforward for everyone.

Our principles:
· We manufacture our houses from excellent quality timber. All of the components are 1st class and approved with relevant certificates.
· We exploit the opportunities given by the newest technologies up to date and innovations.
· Our main concern is to balance the price and value for money.
· From the beginning, our windows and doors have been manufactured by a Hungarian partner-company from excellent quality Scots pine with high energy efficiency even triple glazing, on request.
· Also market leading Hungarian companies supply the thermal insulation and moisture control technologies to the highest possible quality.
· To meet the customer's requirements we a offer full service from planning and engineering to the final handover.
· We wish to be such a business that guarantees full satisfaction for both parties.

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